Why can’t we seem to solve problems anymore?

I would like to share a quick story.
A department store offered a new service where the customer could shop and pay on line, then drive to the store and pick up the merchandise. I was getting ready to go out of town and I wanted a few things so […]

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Lets Change the Work Environment One Compliment at a Time!

“I can live for 2 months on one good compliment.”
—Mark Twain

Well, I need to work on giving good compliments!

How many of us as leaders get caught in the day to day trap of chop chop –  meet deadlines,  get things done ?

We often get in this survival mode and […]

Pay Attention and Listen!

Have you ever been in an important discussion with a co-worker only to have them checking their phone and responding to texts and emails during your conversation? How did that make you feel?
After the second or third, “ok – what were you saying?’, the message is loud and clear […]

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2016 is yours. What will you do with it?

By now, if you’re like me, you’ve already tossed your traditional New Year’s Resolutions out the window, but you’re still looking forward to making some realistic goals for the New Year.

First, let’s take a look at Time Magazine’s most common New Year goals that are set and never met […]

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If I could see the future

First, if I could predict the future, I would have won the Powerball in mid-January, and you wouldn’t be reading this. I’d be on a private Island off the Central America coast, sipping a margarita. Or I’d be the new owner of the Browns, and we’ve be odds-on favorites […]

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H-APP-Y New Year!

Technology has become so important in both our business and personal lives. I’m amazed at how we now have all the information in the world safely packaged in our smart phones. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to go to an encyclopedia to write a high school […]

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WHY? Let the new year help you create a new focus on your “why.”

I just finished reading an article in Harvard Business Review (January-February issue) written by Blake Mycoskie, who founded TOMS. TOMS is a shoe company, not owned by a guy named Tom (who knew?), that donates a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair sold. It started […]

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