Why can’t we seem to solve problems anymore?

I would like to share a quick story.
A department store offered a new service where the customer could shop and pay on line, then drive to the store and pick up the merchandise. I was getting ready to go out of town and I wanted a few things so […]

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Lets Change the Work Environment One Compliment at a Time!

“I can live for 2 months on one good compliment.”
—Mark Twain

Well, I need to work on giving good compliments!

How many of us as leaders get caught in the day to day trap of chop chop –  meet deadlines,  get things done ?

We often get in this survival mode and […]

Pay Attention and Listen!

Have you ever been in an important discussion with a co-worker only to have them checking their phone and responding to texts and emails during your conversation? How did that make you feel?
After the second or third, “ok – what were you saying?’, the message is loud and clear […]

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