“I can live for 2 months on one good compliment.”
—Mark Twain

Well, I need to work on giving good compliments!

How many of us as leaders get caught in the day to day trap of chop chop –  meet deadlines,  get things done ?

We often get in this survival mode and forget to thank or acknowledge the people who are behind the scenes getting things done.  For some of us, pausing for a moment to give a compliment just isn’t in our nature, and we really have to work at it. Staff often feel unappreciated because leaders don’t make an effort to compliment them.   Business as usual,  on to the next project.

Millennials are changing this environment because they demand feedback.  We can all learn something from this. Take a minute each day and seek someone out to thank or acknowledge. Whether personal or professional – it’s a good habit to develop.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone thank you once in a while !