Have you ever been in an important discussion with a co-worker only to have them checking their phone and responding to texts and emails during your conversation? How did that make you feel?
After the second or third, “ok – what were you saying?’, the message is loud and clear that this conversation is not worthy of their time.

Most of us have gotten lax in our listening skills and we don’t actually pay attention to the person in front of us.
Do yourself a favor: set your phone aside and don’t pick it up again until your conversation is over. This shows respect to the other person and will help you develop better listening habits.

5 Simple Tips to being a better listener:

  1. Stop what you are doing and pay attention.
  2. Maintain eye contact.
  3. Listen to everything before you respond.
  4. Re-Phase
  5. Take notes if you need to follow up.

There is a place and time for multi-tasking. This would be the wrong time! Pay attention and listen. You will be surprised how this small change will make others feel.