Ready. Set. Grow.

Monday, November 21, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Quest Conference Center
8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Organizations are as individual as, well, individuals. None is alike when compared to another. So why treat them that way? That’s why you should join Provider Resources Group for the 2016 Provider Summit—Ready. Set. Grow., a one-day event tailored to where providers are in their business plan. And their life.

We’ll present three simultaneous tracks during the day…based on how long an organization has been in business:

  • Track 101 (Ready) – for organizations in business one year or less
  • Track 201 (Set) – for organizations in business 2 to 4 years
  • Track 301 (Grow) – for organizations in business for more than 5 years

Featured Speakers:
Monica Armstrong, Provider Resources Group
Megan Uditis, Provider Resources Group
Melissa Skaggs, Provider Resources Group
Kevin Fix, New Haven Capital


Lunch Program:
The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

fcfd1f2e-6987-475e-a696-9772249678c3To get you in the “holiday” spirit we are doing a bonus lunch session that will take a look at how Santa Claus gets ready for his big day. Do you think you have a long “to do” list…imagine what Santa’s looks like. How does he keep all those elves motivated, the production moving on time and Mrs. Claus happy all at the same time??? Get ready for a lighthearted looking at the leadership qualities we can learn from Santa. Oh, and the elves and the man himself may be stopping by…



The Datawarehouse Toolbox (101, 201, 301) – This session will allow you to focus on how to really get the most out of the information that is tracked in the Datawarehouse. Understanding how to use the tools provided by DODD is crucial as providers move forward in managing their programs and services.

Com-mu-ni-ca-tion (101, 201, 301) – Get tips for effectively communicating with staff, including remote workers. Nonverbal communication speaks for us 24/7, so we will also look at how it affects the workplace. Digital communication and social media have taken over, so what pitfalls do we face when no one wants to talk face to face anymore.

Best Practices for Medicaid Providers (101, 201, 301) – Has this buzzword taken over how we approach business? Best Practices are often talked about but not always understood. What does it really mean to practice Best Practices inside of an organization? What happens when best practice is not followed? How do we teach Best Practices to our staff and then hold them to those standards? Let’s stop talking about it and let’s implement it.

Financials (101) – This session will provide young businesses with a look at what they will need for their accountant, banks and other entities. Learn what the basic monthly financials should be and how to understand them. How do non-accountants understand all these numbers?

Financials (201) – Exploring the budget process and cash flow is crucial for organizations during this phase. Do I need a line of credit? Will we survive? Do we have a rainy day fund and how long will it last? Well also talk about how debt affects your organization and making good credit decisions.

Succession Planning (301) – What is succession planning, what should we be doing now and how will it affect business. In order to have strong businesses in the future we must stop and look at what happens when someone else is at the helm.

Time keeps on tickin, tickin, tickin…into the future (101, 201, 301) – This session will look at the what’s in store for the service provision as we move forward. Can we kill the “sacred cows” and move our organizations into a different world of service provision? How change management can help your organization kill the “cows” and move forward.



Only $99 per person all inclusive!
For more information, call 855-787-1641. Registration deadline is November 16th.

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8 a.m. — Registration and Continental Breakfast
9 a.m – 5 p.m. — Program
noon — Lunch