First, if I could predict the future, I would have won the Powerball in mid-January, and you wouldn’t be reading this. I’d be on a private Island off the Central America coast, sipping a margarita. Or I’d be the new owner of the Browns, and we’ve be odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl next year. Ahhhh. If only to dream?

But I would like to take a few minutes to talk about what I see as business trends for 2016.

Boomerang employees
Companies are trending away with policies against re-hiring people. People are simply switching jobs more often, and the real talent moves around more.  Benefits to rehiring people include:
a. Familiar with company culture
b. Don’t require as much training
c. Bring new perspective

Leadership changes as Boomers retire
As many as 3.6 million baby boomers will retire in 2016 – opening the door
for Millennials in leadership roles. This new generation wants to flatten corporate hierarchies, empowering others to succeed. And, interestingly, they will force companies to make an impact on society rather than focus on money,

This generation will force many changes, with workplace flexibility leading the list. Wearable technology, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, which take advantage of our 24/7 business environment, will help workers become more efficient with their time. will play important roles.

Where is your company with these trends?
You may need to make adjustments in 2016.